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Windows 12 may not be coming anytime soon, but a major OS overhaul is

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The next Windows system update is expected to be a big one.

  • Microsoft is working on the next major version of Windows codenamed Hudson Valley.
  • It was rumored this system update would be Windows 12, but it appears that may not be the case.
  • Sources say Hudson Valley will instead be a major update for Windows 11 that brings a host of new features.

There was a belief that Windows 12 could arrive this year with Microsoft’s next system update. But it looks like instead of Windows 12, we’re more likely in store for a major overhaul to Windows 11.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft is working on the next system update for Windows. Codenamed Hudson Valley, the update is expected to roll out later this year as “version 24H2” and is said to be a significantly larger update than last year’s version 23H2.

While the update will be available to manufacturers by April, it won’t be ready for current Windows 11 users until September. This time frame aligns with when next-gen AI PCs and experiences are expected to hit the market.

It was because of the timing and the fact that the new update has such a heavy AI influence that it was rumored to be Windows 12. However, the outlet’s sources say that’s unlikely now that ex-Windows chief Panos Panay has left the company.

Instead of being a numbered update, the next system update will reportedly be a major overhaul of Windows 11. When it’s available, it will reportedly bring a bevy of new features — AI and non-AI — including:

  • Copilot updates
  • Snap Layout updates
  • File Explorer updates
  • Quick Settings updates
  • Phone Link updates
  • A new Energy Saver mode
  • and more

Outside of features, version 24H2 is said to include performance, security, UX, and quality-of-life improvements. Microsoft has been testing some of these improvements in the Canary Channel for a while.

Lastly, it appears Microsoft will remove some of its built-in legacy apps. This includes Cortana, Mail, Calendar, Maps, People, and Movies & TV. The outlet adds that Wordpad will also be on the chopping block, but it won’t be removed until a future update.

Source: androidauthority

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