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Windows 11 update makes the taskbar actually useful again

Originally posted on techradar.

Overflow parking for your apps

Microsoft has begun rolling out a slew of new user interface updates for Windows Insiders – and one feature will be particularly useful for those with maxed-out taskbars.

As part of Windows 11 build 22622.440(opens in new tab), Microsoft is reintroducing taskbar overflow, a feature that adds a neat overflow section for applications that don’t fit in an otherwise chock-full taskbar. The taskbar will automatically transition into this new overflow state when it reaches maximum capacity, and the overflow area itself will be accessible via its own taskbar button (made up of three dots).

Microsoft has said that the feature is beginning to roll out to certain beta users now, though it plans to “monitor feedback and see how [taskbar overflow] lands before pushing it out to everyone” (i.e. all beta users).

Build 22622.440 will also add more dynamism to the widgets button, with sports and finance news set to appear alongside existing weather updates, while the “open with” menu has earned itself a refresh, too (one which supports both light and dark themes).

Elsewhere in the new build, Settings will now support the management of apps that were previously only customizable through the Control Panel. Microsoft has said that this includes the uninstallation of apps which have inter-dependencies (for instance, gaming apps running on Steam).

Also among the updates are a host of fixes to File Explorer and a patch to stop crashes when docking and undocking additional monitors. For the full list of new features, updates and fixes – many of which are expected to roll out to Windows 11 proper later this year – head over to Microsoft’s latest blog post(opens in new tab).

Source: techradar

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