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Windows 10 update adds useful features for power users — what you need to know

Originally posted on laptopmag.

Image resizer and color picker get new features and a cleaner UI

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 update that brings useful new features to PowerToys, the set of free tools made just for power users. Along with patching security bugs, the update adds an enhanced Image Resizer feature that should save users tons of time.

For those who aren’t familiar, PowerToys has been around since Windows 95 and gives PC power users features they need to maximize their productivity. It isn’t for everyone but this collection of tools is certainly worth checking out if you want to get the most out of your laptop or desktop.

New to PowerToys is a refreshed interface for the Image Resizer feature, which was launched last year. The Image Resizer makes it easy for users to resize and compress images in bulk, saving them time when they need to edit photos for the web. You can now swiftly resize photos by selecting preset sizes (small, medium, large, phone and custom) or customize the default size for those presets.

With the update, Microsoft brings its Fluent design language to the image resizer, so it will look more like the modern Windows 10 UI. Fluent is coming to PowerToys in general so more tools will have rounded corners, transparent backgrounds, and an improved Dark Mode.

Last but not least, the Color Picker feature gets new features, including drop shadows for better contrast and you can move between different shades of colors by clicking on small rectangles.

The latest PowerToys update is available now on Microsoft’s GitHub page.

Source: laptopmag

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