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Windows 10 disables access to some Control Panel pages

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Windows has changed considerably over the years and every Windows 10 major release takes it further away from the Windows that some have grown to love or love to hate. One thing that has so far withstood the test of time, other than the arcane Windows Registry, is the Windows Control Panel. Here one could find almost any and all things related to your computer’s settings but Microsoft is now taking bigger steps to retire the powerful tool for its prettier but less flexible Windows 10 Settings app.

Ever since Windows 10, or even Windows 8, launched with its own set of native, touch-friendly apps, there has been some confusion over where users should go for system settings. Microsoft naturally wants to push its more modern Settings app but more advanced users always flocked to the old Control Panel because it offered a more complete picture of a Windows computer. The latest updates, however, are making it clear that it isn’t the case anymore.

To its credit, Microsoft has been working to actually fill in the Settings app with information previously only found in Control Panel. Its latest achievement is displaying more complete system information on the About page of Settings. Unfortunately, people still go to Control Panel for that either out of habit or mistrust for the modern app.

In the October 2020 update for Windows 10, Microsoft disabled the System page of Control Panel, leaving only the Settings app version, but there have been workarounds to still get the old view. Insiders, however, are now reporting that Microsoft is completely closing the door on any and all workarounds that still provided access to it. Even more, some preview builds did the same for other Control Panel pages like Program and Features that let you manage installed apps.

To some extent, it is understandable that this inevitable change would happen sooner or later. That said, the equivalent Settings app pages don’t always offer the same flexibility and features as the Control Panel version did and some users will definitely miss those and be annoyed by the changes that Microsoft has introduced for the sake of making things look prettier or more touch-friendly.

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