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Why Google’s ‘Touring Bird’ will be your new favorite travel guide

The “one-stop-shop” site lets travelers customize plans based on interest, price, and more.

If there’s a product or app that makes life easier, it’s likely Google has its name on it (or is planning to). The company’s latest effort tackles vacation and travel planning.

In true Google fashion, Touring Bird seeks to help you effortlessly plan your next trip. Instead of having twelve tabs open on your browser or smartphone, Touring Bird lets you plan everything in one spot.

“A leisure trip to a destination is usually between three to eight days. People want to do top activities and attractions in the first few days, but then they want to do more immersive things — we wanted to build a one-stop shop,” Lax Poorjay, Touring Bird team’s lead told Travel + Leisure.

Touring Bird includes 20 destinations like Barcelona, Las Vegas, Madrid, Paris, and Prague. About 400 locals have contributed information for more than 25,000 activities.

What does Touring Bird include?

When Google says “everything,” it basically means everything. When you use Touring Bird to plan your next vacation, without leaving the site, you’ll be able to:

  • Select a destination city
  • See popular attractions
  • See suggested tours and activities
  • See prices for everything
  • View options for free guided tours
  • Check out recommendations from locals and travel bloggers.


Customize and compare

Touring Bird lets you explore multiple providers to get the best trip deal. Say you wanted to check out the Canals in Amsterdam. On Touring Bird you can pick from about four options, ranging price, like the $19 night cruise or the $47 private cruise. Clicking on the tour you want brings up a calendar to select your preferred time frame.

Touring Bird offers a few spots within walking distance of the Canals selected by locals and lifestyles writers. The site displays other top tourist sites like the Anne Frank House or the Van Gogh Museum.

Filters for refund policies, tour duration, and time of day can also be added.

Travel spots personalized to your interests

Touring Bird can find something for everyone whether you want nightlife, museums, hole-in-the-wall shops, or something else. All the spots are priced and reservable through the site.

Tourist sites are broken down into a few categories:

  • Essential spots for new travelers
  • Hidden spots, local secrets
  • Dining, drinking, and cooking experiences
  • Kid-friendly
  • Art, design, and architecture lovers
  • Instagrammable sites and the best places to take selfies

Book quick and easy

Through Touring Bird’s calendar, you can find the best price for your activity with different reservation companies. Touring Bird works with Viator, GetYourGuide, and Expedia.

Clicking “reserve” after choosing an event takes you directly to the company’s page for more information like cancellation policies.

If you’re not quite committed to a trip yet, Touring Bird lets you save and bookmark to check back later.

Helpful tips and fun facts

When you’re researching a spot, Touring Bird offers useful information in a “Did You Know?” section. The tips can be anything from the best times to visit a spot to avoid crowds to fast-track entry.

For example, if you’re planning a trip to St. Peter’s Basilica Cathedral, some tips include that there are a lot of winding, narrow stairs to get to the dome, multiple languages are offered on private tours, and lines can be long, so visitors should think about purchasing a skip-the-line package.

The “Did You Know” section also includes trivia about a location so you can enhance your experience or show off for your friends.

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  1. Google’s Touring Bird is a “one-stop-shop” travel planning site accessible from desktop or mobile.
  2. Touring Bird lets users customize trips based on price, interest, and time of day with tips from locals and travel writers.

Source: cnet

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