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Ultimate AI prompt library released for Claude 3, ChatGPT and Gemini

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Prompting is the lifeblood of artificial intelligence (AI) and allows you to get the best results from your large language model. If you are looking for ways in which you can work smarter, not harder, with the help of cutting-edge technologies and AI platforms? You might be interested to know that a new prompts library has been released by the creators of Claude, Anthropic providing a library of inspiration and AI prompts you can use to improve your productivity.

The new prompt library has been designed to work seamlessly with advanced artificial intelligence models such as Claude 3, ChatGPT, and Gemini but is also useful to give you ideas to use with any AI model you might be running either locally or in the cloud. The prompts library consists of a collection of around 70 prompts each crafted to enhance your productivity and ignite your creative spark by simply cutting and pasting your chosen prompt

The library is neatly organized into two sections: one for leisure activities and the other for professional tasks. Here, we’ll focus on the professional side, where you’ll find a suite of prompts that are not only useful but also ready for you to use right away. These prompts are now accessible on the Claude website, offering you fresh ways to interact with AI.

AI prompt library

Among the library’s offerings are the creator’s top 10 favorite prompts, each serving a unique function. For instance, “Corporate Clairvoyant” excels in analyzing and summarizing data, while “Website Wizard” makes creating web pages a breeze. If you need accurate answers with sources, “Site Your Sources” is your go-to for document-based responses with proper citations. Watch the overview video kindly created by Skill Leap AI who provides more insight into what types of prompts are available and how they can be used to improve your productivity and AI responses.

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The range of applications for these prompts is vast. “Meeting Scribe” captures the essential points from meetings, and “Second Great Simplifier” breaks down complex text into more digestible content. “Grammar Genie” is on hand to fix grammatical errors, and “Adaptive Editor” adjusts text to fit certain criteria. Marketers will appreciate “Pros Publishing” for elevating their copywriting, “Product Naming Pro” for coming up with creative product names, and there’s even a prompt dedicated to crafting a unique brand identity. Below are a selection you can choose from :

  • Corporate Clairvoyant: Specializes in synthesizing complex, voluminous corporate reports into digestible, actionable insights. This role involves not just summarizing content but also identifying underlying risks, opportunities, and strategic recommendations, making it easier for executives to make informed decisions without delving into the details of lengthy documents.
  • Website Wizard: Possesses the ability to rapidly design and implement one-page websites tailored to specific user needs and preferences. This role involves understanding the user’s vision, brand aesthetics, and functional requirements to create visually appealing and user-friendly web pages that effectively communicate the user’s message or sell their product.
  • Cite your Sources: Provides expertise in researching and presenting answers to queries with comprehensive citations from credible sources. This role is crucial for academic, journalistic, and professional settings where evidence-based responses are required, ensuring that information is not only accurate but also traceable to its original source.
  • Meeting Scribe: Offers the service of condensing live or recorded meetings into concise, structured summaries. This involves highlighting key discussion points, decisions made, and assigning actionable items with clear responsibilities and deadlines, thereby enhancing team productivity and ensuring accountability.
  • Second-grade Simplifier: Specializes in transforming complex texts into versions that are easily understandable by young learners, making this ideal for educational content adaptation. This requires not just simplifying language but also using metaphors, examples, and illustrations appropriate for a second-grade audience to aid comprehension.
  • Grammar Genie: Provides a meticulous review and correction of grammatical errors in any text, elevating the quality of written communication. This role goes beyond simple proofreading to include adjustments in syntax, punctuation, and overall sentence structure for clarity and readability.
  • Adaptive Editor: Skilled in reworking text according to specific instructions, such as changing the tone, style, or intended audience. This role requires a deep understanding of language nuances and the ability to creatively adapt content without losing the original message or intent.
  • Prose Polisher: Enhances written content through advanced copyediting, focusing on coherence, style, and the subtle nuances of language. This role involves refining and elevating text, ensuring it resonates with the intended audience and meets the highest standards of literary quality.
  • Product Naming Pro: Generates innovative and memorable names for new products, leveraging descriptive keywords and understanding market trends. This creative process involves brainstorming names that capture the essence of the product, are easy to remember, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Brand Builder: Designs comprehensive brand identity briefs, encompassing visual design, messaging, and overall brand strategy. This role is pivotal for new businesses or those undergoing a rebranding, ensuring that all elements of the brand are cohesive, align with the company’s values, and effectively communicate its unique selling proposition to the target audience.

This new prompt library is a valuable resource for anyone looking to harness the power of large language models. Whether you want to streamline your workflow or find new ways to engage with AI, these prompts offer a systematic and effective way to achieve your goals. Check out the Claude website to see how these prompts can boost your efficiency and creativity.

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