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This High Tech Virtual Trainer Is the Future of the at Home Workout

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MoonRun CONNECT uses resistance bands and motion sensors to provide full-body workouts in cramped spaces.

Just about any fitness expert will tell you that working out in groups or with personal trainers is way more effective than trying to go it alone in the confines of your own home. And they don’t just say that because it’s good for business. There is a ton of research to back these claims up. Unfortunately, working out at the gym or with other people isn’t always an option. Some people need workout solutions that are more time and cost-effective. That’s why a physical therapist created MoonRun, a revolutionary high-tech workout system that you can use right from the comfort of your own home.

The Challenges A Home Workout

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When attempting to come up with effective home workout regimens, most people typically encounter two main problems.

The first problem is the lack of space and amenities. Though some of us are fortunate enough to have large swaths of floor space they can set aside for home gyms, most people can’t do a typical cardio workout in their home without knocking stuff over. Nor can they really afford an array of expensive exercise equipment.

The other problem most people encounter when trying to workout at home is lack of motivation. When you workout with other people, whether we’re talking about a running group or a personal trainer, it is easier to stay motivated and inspired to achieve your goals. When you workout by yourself, boredom sets in faster, and willpower quickly melts away.

The MoonRun indoor cardio training system was specifically designed to tackle these two problems.

Meet MoonRun CONNECT

The MoonRun CONNECT is one of the most innovative home workout solutions to come along in a long time. This portable system combines traditional resistance band training with the latest motion sensor and computer programming technology to provide engaging full-body workouts in cramped indoor spaces.

The MoonRun sets up just like other suspension health trainers, by attaching to a wall, pillar, or other structure in your home. However, unlike other suspension trainers, the MoonRun has a medium resistance band with an electronic sensor that goes around your waist. This waistband provides natural resistance for running, jumping, and squatting in place. It also provides an upward pull, thanks to the positioning of the anchor, which creates a reduced body weight effect. The result is a complete workout combining cardio and resistance training, strengthening your arms, chest, core, and legs while simultaneously lowering knee and landing impact.

Don’t want the MoorRun hanging around in your living room all the time? Want to take it with you to the office, or when you travel? No problem. The whole system weighs just four pounds and packs up into the included carrying bag in about a minute, so it’s a breeze to carry around or stow away.

Stay Connected And Engaged With Virtual Running Apps

moonrun connect
Image via MoonRun

The MoonRun CONNECT uses Bluetooth to sync with the MoonRun app on your phone, tablet, computer, or smart TV. In addition to tracking your workout data—speed, distance, calories, etc.—this free app also allows you to create an avatar and work with a virtual trainer that will guide you through a variety of different workouts based on your preferences. But the MoonRun app is just the beginning.

MoonRun CONNECT is compatible with a number of popular third-party running apps, including Arcade Fitness, Zwift, Kinomap, and Strava. These apps let you turn your workouts into games, run virtual trails all over the world, and connect with other runners via dedicated social networks.

Who Is MoonRun For?

MoonRun Connect
Image via MoonRun

The MoonRun Connect is perfect for anyone who wants a high-intensity full-body cardio workout without leaving the house. It’s also perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, or anyone who needs help coming up with an effective workout plan, or anyone needs gamification and social elements to stay motivated, or anyone who wants a high-intensity workout that’s easy on knees and feet, or anyone who travels and wants to take their workout on the go. Get the picture?

Chances are you fit into at least one of those categories, if not more. And the best part is this system costs way less a gym membership. So don’t wait another day. The MoonRun might be just what you need to take your fitness to the next level.

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