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This AI-Powered App Lets You Say Goodbye to Background Noise During Video Calls Once and for All

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‘Krisp’ uses powerful AI to mute noisy distractions on both ends of your calls.

With so many people working from home, the scourge of background noise during video calls and teleconferences is more fearsome than ever. And if you’ve ever been in a Zoom meeting or the like with someone else in a noisy room, you’re especially aware of how annoying it can be. But luckily there’s a noise-cancelling app called Krisp that miraculously filters out background noise from incoming and outgoing video calls. And what’s even more miraculous is that you can use it for free. It’s called Krisp.

Krisp can take the loudest room in your house and effectively transform it into a soundproof booth, at least as far as your companions in cyberspace are concerned. Krisp says it can filter out unwanted noises between your microphone and the other end of your calls on more than 800 different apps on Mac, Windows, and Chrome devices, as well as iPhones. It also filters sound from incoming calls, whether the other people on the line are using it or not.

Say goodbye to background noise with Krisp.

background noise

Image Credit: Krisp

You can get a free version of Krisp designed for occasional remote work. It provides two hours of calls and meetings per week at no cost. But for $3.33 a month, you can also get the premium version of Krisp which is designed for power users who need a lot more than two hours a week. Then there’s the Enterprise plan, available upon request, for call centers and other businesses. And Krisp will work with any microphone, headset, or speaker, and your choice of apps like Zoom, Meet, and most other comparable programs.

If you’re skeptical about how it works, you can check out a free demonstration at the official Krisp site, now.

How does Krisp work?

krisp background noise app

Image Credit: Krisp

Krisp works its magic by way of an artificially intelligent Deep Neural Network that has methodically learned how to tell the difference between background noise and desired speech, the company says. It has done this by listening to and analyzing 20,000 different sounds from 50,000 different speakers. The result, Krisp says, is crystal-clear sound quality on every single call and video meeting. And for anyone concerned about privacy, Krisp has you covered. The app doesn’t monitor your calls or log your data, and its audio processing is all performed locally on your own device, not in the cloud.

Krisp is already being used at companies like Intel, Discord, and many others. So why not give it a try for free right now? Head over to the official Krisp site and experience Krisp’s crystal clear audio for yourself.

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