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The best yoga apps 2018: tone and relax in the comfort of your own home

Top yoga apps for muscle strengthening, meditation and relaxation

Yoga isn’t just renowned for being an awesome way to tone up unwanted flabby bits. It is, with dedication and commitment, a total change in lifestyle, and can contribute to a complete and utter boost in your general sense of wellbeing.

The great thing about yoga is you can do it anywhere. While some people may find comfort and solace in joining a class, others may prefer to do it in the privacy of their own home, where they can fit it in with a hectic lifestyle, or take comfort in knowing that their yoga mat is only metres away in times of stress.

Of course, join a yoga class and you have the luxury of being led by an instructor. At home, you’re your own boss, but whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, it’s nice to have some guidance along the way, particularly if you’re looking to advance through to ultimate bendiness and mind focus ability.

So how do you know which app is the right one for you? Well, that’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up the best yoga apps in the iPhone and Android app stores.


Perfect poses and select different practices anywhere and everywhere with this handy little app

Best for: Requires no network connection
Available on: Android, iOS and Mac
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 131.3mb

Even if you’re on a desert island in the middle of nowhere, you’ll still have access to your yoga tutorials because this app does not require any phone signal to operate.

There are 27 yoga sessions to choose from, varying in difficulty and duration so you can fit in a session no matter how busy your schedule is. To ensure that you benefit completely from the position that you are learning, there’s a complete dictionary which walks you through the correct posture and alignment.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi/yogini you can track your progress to keep yourself motivated and unlock new virtual environments as you improve.  Get Pocket Yoga from iTunesor Google Play now!


Continue practising throughout your pregnancy with a devoted prenatal collection

Best for: Dedicated prenatal section
Available on: Android, iOS
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 182.7mb

Classes are narrowed down to times and focus of the session, so whether you have a quick 15 minutes to spare or a whole hour, you can choose to work on your relaxation, balance and so forth, no matter how hectic your schedule is.

The prenatal yoga is designed to help the body of expectant mums support the growth of their baby, while encouraging the baby to move further away from the ribcage to allow for easier breathing.

Like with many things that come free– there’s always a catch. If you don’t subscribe you won’t have access to the full 280 poses and you won’t be able to create unlimited custom classes, or benefit from Rodney Lee’s expertise.  You can download Yoga studio for iPhone and Android. 


With a strong focus on using yoga to get fit, this is the perfect app for meeting toning targets

Best for: Fitness
Available on: Android, iOS
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 74.4mb

There’s class plans dedicated to your ability and focus, whether you’re looking for weight control, body sculpting, strength or more, and clear step by step instructions to help you through even the most complex of moves.

If you’re looking to use yoga to get fit, you can track the amount of calories you’ve burned and how long you’ve worked out for to help you reach your personal goals. You can download Daily Yoga from the app stores for both iPhone and Android. 

The only downside is the greatest elements are only available on subscription, although you can turn off auto-renew if you have a particularly busy month where you don’t think you’ll use it.


An app dedicated to stress relief and meditation

Best for: Stress relief and breathing
Available on: Android, iOS, Nook and Mac
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 90.6mb

Yoga isn’t just about toning and stretching, it’s a way to destress and improve your sense of wellbeing. This app claims to help you master the right breathing techniques so you can experience a range of benefits including better sleeping, higher athletic endurance, a decrease in blood pressure, relief from headaches and migraines and better stress management.

There’s extensive breathing courses from beginner to expert, so you can implement the right techniques when practicing your favourite poses.

While it doesn’t have a focus on pose positions, this is certainly a great accompaniment to help you improve your lifestyle in general.  Download Universal Breathing Pranayama from Google Play or iTunes now.


For those always on the go

Best for: Quick and easy workouts
Available on: Android, iOS
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 23.3mb
All the sessions are 5 minutes, and suitable for beginners through to experts, thanks to their simplicity and effectiveness.

Clear images and instructions will help you to quickly transition between moves so you can benefit from the advantages of increased flexibility and increased strength. Download from iTunes or Google Play today.


Receive personalised tuition from renowned yoga star Tara Stiles

Best for: Personalised tuition
Available on: iOS
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 102.9mb

Whether its giving you personalised practice sessions based on your feedback, goals or capabilities or allowing you to consolidate your calorie intake with your fitness app for easier management of daily targets, tracking the benefits of your lifestyle change should be easy.

HD videos give you in depth information on each pose so you can get it just right and you can control the duration and intensity of each workout to ensure it fits in with your daily schedule and fitness needs. Best of all, with a subscription, you can receive new poses to practice to keep things fresh and new.  Download for iPhone today.


A more basic yoga app that doesn’t bypass beginners

Best for: Beginners
Available on: Android, iOS
In app purchases: No
Size: 111.3mb

This app is a great first step, with a range of timed workouts designed for level one yogis.  Whether you have 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 60 minutes to spare, you can get to grips with over 30 poses without paying a penny, then switch to other subscription yoga apps later on if you know that it’s something that you want to continue.

 There’s no compromise on the quality of the tutorials, with video and audio helping you to reach the perfect position. Because the app is free, you’ll have to put up with the odd advert, although there is the option to purchase the full version, which unlocks a second level.

Additionally, you can customise your routines and not have to put up with interrupting ads.  Download the app for Android and iPhone today.


Discover the science behind yoga with this informative app

Best for: Understanding yoga
Available on: iOS
In app purchases: Yes
Size: 511mb
While its pose video playback is a little unorthodox in the sense that you can see the pose happening from the inside of the human body rather than the outside, it allows you to discover just how you’re working your muscles.

You can design your own routines from day one by dragging and dropping poses from the catalogue into a timeline for seamless playback. While you can alter the holding time for each pose depending on whether you’re an advanced, intermediate or expert, guidance is only audio, which may make it a little less immersive for beginners.

You can, however, view each position from multiple angles thanks two perspective points, which will help you to achieve each pose to a greater level of accuracy. Download iYoga today.

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