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The best new games we played this week

We’ve made it through another week, so let’s treat ourselves to some of the best new games to launch in the past few days. It was another exciting week with some long-awaited indie games making their debut, and some big console titles making the jump to mobile platforms. Let’s take a look, shall we?



Gorogoa is a gorgeous hand-illustrated environmental puzzle game, and we’re pretty sure you’ve never played anything quite like it. Everything takes place across four comic-book style panels. You’ll have to rearrange every scene to solve each puzzle to move the story forward.

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Inside is a worthy successor to Limbo. It’s another dark platformer, every puzzle drenched in foreboding. You play as a young boy trying to escape from a totalitarian regime. It’s certainly one of the more interesting titles to be released this year.

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Life is Strange

The time-twisting narrative adventure arrived on mobile this week. If you haven’t played Life is Strange yet, it’s an essential title to add to any collection. Play as Max, a photography student at an arts high school who finds out she has the power to control time. Use your powers to save your friends and investigate the fate of a missing student.


Ruya sets itself from other match-em up puzzlers by making slight changes to the formula. Instead of matching colors willy nilly, the game tells you which shapes it wants you to create using matching blobs. Special moves and powerups, gorgeous art direction, and a charming little story make this a great choice for folks who love puzzle games.

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FEZ Pocket Edition

We weren’t even completely sure if this game was going to happen, but we’re sure glad it finally did. FEZ is now available on iOS. This beloved indie game sees you completing 2D platforming puzzles in a 3D space. The game’s level design and fascinating use of perspective make FEZ a game you won’t soon forget.

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