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Super tiny Windows 11 OS that fits inside your 4GB thumb drive gets a big update – Tiny11 2311 shrinks 20% and allows cumulative updates

Originally posted on tomshardware.

Tiny11 gets even smaller!

NTDEV, the developer behind Tiny11, has released a new update for its miniature Windows 11 operating system, called Tiny11 2311, that adds Microsoft‘s latest feature update, 23H2, into the OS and introduces a plethora of bug fixes addressing issues in the outgoing version of Tiny11. On top of this, the new update also shrinks Tiny11’s install size by a whopping 20%, making Tiny11’s renowned footprint even smaller.

The update to 23H2 gives Tiny11 users access to all of the latest features Microsoft has integrated into the regular version of Windows 11, including access to Microsoft’s AI-assistant Copilot, WDDM 3.2, and more while retaining its ultra-small footprint. These additional features can be installed as options with Tiny11 to keep its footprint small. For instance, if you want to install Copilot, you need to install Microsoft Edge first — which comes in the full-blown version of Windows 11 by default.

According to NTDEV, many of the “nagging issues” plaguing the outgoing version of Tiny11 have also been addressed by Tiny 11 2311, giving it even more stability and functionality. One of these issues was Windows update functionality, which was broken in previous versions of Tiny11. Now, with 2311, NTDEV reports that Tiny11 is fully updatable to the next set of cumulative updates, bringing the OS’s security and stability more in line with the official version of Windows 11.

Tiny11 is an alternative version of Windows 11 that reduces the amount of “bloatware” and applications the OS typically comes with to a bare minimum. Windows 11 usually ships with an install size of over 20GB, but with Tiny11, that install size can be reduced to just 3GB (or smaller). In addition, Tiny11 can also be configured to bypass Microsoft’s CPU and TPM restrictions if desired.

This makes Tiny11 a great OS for running on older systems and machines that cannot run Windows 11 in its complete form. If you wanted to, you could run Tiny11 on just 176MB of RAM, and it would work. NTDEV has several methods of using Tiny11, including a Tiny11 Builder that allows you to pre-configure what applications and features you want installed. We used it significantly to make a custom Tiny11 ISO that ran on just 2GB of RAM.

Source: tomshardware

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