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Scan your pile of lego with this AI powered camera app and it will tell you what to build

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If you’ve ever helplessly looked at a pile of random Lego bricks and thought “what on Earth do I make from this,” your problem has been solved. Brickit has made a really cool AI-powered app that helps you make something out of that messy pile of Legos. All you need to do is point the camera at the bricks. The app will scan them and give you suggestions of what you can make.

When you point the camera at the pile of Legos, the app will scan everything it sees. Then, you’ll get a list of ideas for making your creation. Apparently, the more bricks you have, the more ideas there will be. Under each suggestion, you’ll see how many bricks you need for it. Then, when you tap on the item you want to build, you’ll get the instructions. And here’s the most awesome thing – you can go back to the scan of your messy pile of Legos and the app will show you where to find each of the elements you need. How cool is that?

Here are a few screenshots from the Apple Store to see a little preview of the app, and you can see the demo in Brickit’s Highlights on Instagram.

For now, Brickit is only available on the Apple Store so you can download it for your iPhone or iPad. Android users will have to wait for a little while as the Android version will be launched in the fall of 2021.

Personally, I think that this app was totally made for grown-ups (yes, we play with Legos too). The thing is, most kids already have an “app” for building cool stuff from random elements. It’s called imagination. But we grown-ups often need a little push when our imagination needs to be put to use. So, I’m pretty sure this app will be useful for us when we want to allow our inner kid to play with Lego. If nothing else, it looks impressive and like a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to try it with my little nephew once the Android version is out. I’ll let you know if he approves. 🙂

[via PetaPixel]

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