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Pros and Cons to Buy Instagram Followers (Truth Revealed): Best Sites To Choose

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Social media is an incredible tool to promote your business and sell products. You can choose between numerous platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can create a business profile on any social media platform with simple steps. This way, you spread your content and engage more users. Sounds pretty basic, right? But your social media campaign does not end here. To increase the traffic on your profile, you need more reach on your posts.

Whether you want to create a brand awareness campaign or become a popular Instagram blogger, you should focus on increasing your followers. This might look like an easy task, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, you can rely on different techniques to increase the audience on your profile. To enhance the visibility of your Instagram profile, you can .

Buy Instagram Followers: The Pros

In this section, you will find some reasons why you should buy Instagram followers and how it can be the best idea. Some people do not consider purchasing followers for their Instagram account. They might be right at some point, but they are neglecting the good results of their campaign. Let’s get started with the reasons to buy Instagram followers:

1. More Traffic to Your Profile

The major benefit of this technique to increase your followers with generates more traffic to your account. This will not only benefit your Instagram account, but you can also divert the audience to other platforms or your website. For instance, if you have an eCommerce website to sell products online, you can increase your reach and engage a bigger audience to your website, effectively generating more web traffic. This means more selling opportunities.

2. Contribute to Your Business Growth

Advertisers and businesses a larger audience or more followers on their social media accounts, such as Instagram. They use various tools to increase followers. When you have fewer followers on your Instagram account, it indicates that you have a smaller audience. Therefore, when you promote your content or new products on your social media sites, you cannot reach your target audience. However, you can easily promote your brand with a genuine and large list of followers. Increasing your followers is an arduous task. Therefore, many brands prefer buying followers for their Instagram account. This will enable you to construct your business.

3. Generate Profits

There are numerous strategies to increase your audience on your Instagram account. The problem with these organic techniques is that it takes time. You have to wait for a long time to target your actual customers. Therefore, you need a bigger crowd as soon as possible. Many businesses  and followers as the solution for these problems. This technique attracts more audiences, eventually boosting your conversion rate. When your target audience connects with your business, you will be able to expand your business and make more profits.

4. Increase Credibility

When you consult an entrepreneur about increasing your credibility, they will recommend that you increase your followers on your social media platforms. By increasing your followers, you are pointing out the fact that a huge audience trusts your business. This way, you can immediately convince your audience to purchase from your business. This technique is remarkable to accelerate your potential customers without much effort. In other words, the audience prefers business with more followers than a new brand.

5. Brand Development

When you buy Instagram followers from real sources, it contributes to enhancing your brand’s visibility. The increase in your likes and followers will create a great impression among a new audience. They will consider you as a popular brand in the industry. Your business will grow as your brand awareness increases after purchasing the followers. As a result, you will convert more audience into customers.

6. Effortless Technique

Promoting your brand through social media platforms is time consuming and challenging activity. You need to follow numerous strategies and work hard. Regardless of non-stop efforts into your brand promotions, you cannot generate organic followers. Therefore, you need a solution that truly works to grow your business. The best way to increase your followers without a lot of effort is to buy Instagram followers. Consequently, you will spend less energy and time.

7. Lead the Industry

Purchasing Instagram followers enable you to compete with your competitors. You hold an advantage in the market with increasing reach. Therefore, you can share your content with more audiences than other businesses in the market. As a result, you can become the leader of the industry. But, make sure that you engage your audience with new and interesting content every day.

Cons to Buy Instagram Followers

1. Fake Follower

As there are numerous tools ready to increasing followers to your Instagram account, you need to be sure if they are authentic or not. Increasing fake followers will not get you anywhere. Therefore, evaluate the vendor before making a choice. Many vendors use bots to increase their followers. You need to avoid these types of platforms.

2. Lack of Experience

When you buy Instagram likes from different platforms, you will never understand the actual technique to boost your likes and followers. Many businesses focusing on purchasing followers for their accounts totally depends on the tool. As a result, they do not enjoy the taste of success. Even though if you use an authentic website to boost your followers, use organic techniques as well. Start by creating unique and engaging content to attract more audiences.

3. Short-Term Profit

Purchasing followers for your Instagram account will boost your business. Keep in mind that the increase in your business engagement will be short-term, especially if you do not entertain your audience with relevant content. You need to maintain the momentum of your campaigns.

4. Affect Your Reputation

Purchasing followers on your Instagram account will increase your credibility. However, you need to be aware of the scams and fake services. You will find various brands offering fake followers. These followers will not take part in any activities and campaigns. Therefore, if your goal is to increase your business through profits, you should wisely choose the vendor.

5. Expensive

Many vendors offer different packages for you to select to increase your followers. These packages might initially seem attractive and reasonable. But as you make a purchase with the vendor, they do not follow their promise. Unless you start a campaign with a reputable vendor, you will eventually pay more for fewer followers. These websites do not provide the same numbers of followers as they commit. That’s why you should invest your money after proper analysis.

6. Instagram Bots

You will find various websites offering Instagram followers using bots. These sites create different bots and use them to increase the likes and followers of the brands. If you purchase followers from these types of websites, you will not find it beneficial. Bots may also use the identity of the real person and use images and names stolen from actual people. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the vendor before spending your money.
These fake accounts might seem organic, but they will not share or like your content. But, with the advancement of technology, many vendors use bots that can create their own content. No matter what activities these bots perform, they will not be useful for your account in any way. Their engagement will have little impact on your business.

7. Inactive Accounts

Vendors not only provide bots, but they also offer inactive accounts. These accounts are genuine, but the actual user does not manage that account anymore. Also, many users only create these accounts to follows the business. They might show engagement at the start, but after some time, these followers are of no use. Change in their engagement will affect your performance and metric. These accounts do not have any purpose but to fulfill the sponsorship request. Even though they are real people, they do not have any intention to interact with your business or purchase your product or services.

Best sites to Buy Instagram Followers

If you choose your vendor carefully, you can enjoy all the pros and beat the cons.
Not to leave you scouring the internet for the best vendors all by yourself. Here are the four best sites to buy Instagram followers.

  1. Likes.io
  2. Followers.io
  3. Stormlikes.net
  4. Social-viral.com

Why is Likes.io the best site to grow Instagram accounts?

Because they help you win the hashtag war!

Do you know how Instagram determine the top posts for a hashtag?

According to Later.com, they consider:

  1. How much engagement your post receives (likes and comments),
  2. The popularity of the hashtag,
  3. How quickly your post receives its engagement,
  4. And how big your account is

For those who don’t know, hashtags are one of the fastest ways to grow an IG account, as they expose you to new audiences. Unfortunately, the battle for hashtags is intense.

Now the reason  is the best site to buy Instagram packages is because it helps you win the hashtag war easily.

  1. How does it do this? You wonder. Through its genuine packages (followers, likes, and Auto likes).
  2. The genuine likes help you beat factor #1 (if you buy plenty, of course)
  3. Choosing popular hashtags is up to you.
  4. Its authentic auto likes help you receive engagement quickly, thereby beating factor #3
  5. Its genuine followers make your account bigger (if you buy plenty, of course).

As long as your posts keep appearing as one of the top posts for different hashtags, you can rest assured your account will continue to soar.

Why is Follower.io the best site to grow Instagram accounts?

Because it assigns you a dedicated account manager!

There’s nothing more reassuring than having an expert-figure handle your account for you. With Follower.io, you get an actual human monitoring and setting the tone for every activity on your account.

It is not like those vendors where you buy followers and then you’ll start seeing your follower count increasing in seconds. No.

Here, you tell them how many followers you want, then your account manager searches their database to see which of their networks fit the theme of your account.

After some time, you get real humans flocking to your account. People that will engage with your posts in ways the Instagram algorithm will have no choice but to increase your reach and exposure.

In the end, you start getting organic traffic to your profile, and your growth becomes unstoppable.

Why is Stormlikes.net the best site to grow Instagram accounts?

Because it uses a tool called ‘auto liker’ to expose your profile to a wider range of people.

What’s an auto liker tool? It is a system that automatically views, interact, and like the content of your target audience on your behalf. When you buy Stormlikes’ packages, you provide them with your target audience (say, fashion). They then target people that are known to interact with posts and accounts in this niche.

The idea is that when these people see your interactions with their posts, they will definitely want to check you out. And since your account is crawling with the kinds of content they like, they will inevitably follow you.

In the end, you’ll have more people checking your account out (greater exposure), and this will ultimately lead to more growth for your account.

Why is Social-Viral.com the best site to grow Instagram accounts?

Because they sell strictly authentic targeted packages!

Targeted packages mean they sell followers, likes, and views that are tailored based on the gender, location, and interests you specify.

Say, you specify you want 1k followers from Manhattan, all of whom like pets. Then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

When you have, say, 1k targeted views/followers/likes on your post, it alerts Instagram immediately that your posts are one of the most-liked by people of that interest group. Thereafter, Instagram feels compelled to show your posts to other people who like similar things through the explore page and hashtags.

In the end, more people will see your posts, and your account will grow as a result.


Increasing 1K followers in a small amount of time and money is a good deal. But, the task is not as simple as it looks. As there are numerous platforms to buy Instagram followers, you might not feel safe with this method. Therefore, it is essential to choose the  and followers. You should focus on investing in the right platform.

When you choose a reputable vendor to increase your followers, you can boost your credibility and verify your business account. The blue tick on your account indicates that you are an authentic business. This will increase your business reputation among the consumers and the market. That’s the reason why you should buy Instagram followers after a complete evaluation of the vendor.

Source: lifeandstylemag

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