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Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – 3 Tools for Recording Time-stamped Video Notes

There are plenty of tools for creating flipped video lessons in which students answer the questions that you create for them. EdPuzzle and PlayPosit are probably the two most popular tools for making that kind of video-based lesson or quiz. While those kind of lesson can be useful, there are times when I want students to watch an educational video and record notes of their own. Those notes could be questions that they want to ask me or they could be simple notes about an important point made in a video. Here are three tools designed for just that.

ReClipped is a neat tool that lets students take notes, share notes, and share clips from educational videos. With a ReClipped account students can clip sections of videos that they find on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Coursera, and TED. In addition to clipping videos, students can create time-stamped notes about the videos that that they clip. A Pinterest-like aspect of ReClipped appears if students choose to share clips and notes on a board. ReClipped boards can be shared publicly or kept private.

VideoNot.es is a great tool to connect to your Google Drive account. With VideoNot.es you can take notes on one side of your screen while watching a video on the other side. Your notes are automatically synchronized with the timestamps in the video. You can share your notes just like you share any other file within Google Drive. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how VideoNot.es works.

The TurboNote Chrome extension enables students to take notes while watching any video. To take notes students just need to click the TurboNote extension icon in their browsers and start writing notes in the notepad that appears on the right hand side of the screen. Any notes that students type are automatically time-stamped. Notes can be edited while the video is playing or while the video is stopped. All notes can be shared via social media and email.

Source: practicaledtech

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