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Microsoft to change how Print Screen works in Windows 11

According to a beta version of Windows 11, how the Print Screen key works is changing after all these years.

Since practically the dawn of time, pressing the Print Screen key on a Windows PC takes a screenshot of whatever’s happening on your screen. However, that looks to be changing, if beta version of Windows 11 KB5025310 is any indication. Put simply, in this beta version of Windows 11, now pressing Print Screen will open up the Windows 11 Snipping Tool instead of taking a screenshot.

The Windows 11 Snipping Tool is a little different from the original Snipping Tool and also replaces the Snip & Sketch app, combining their features. Basically, the Snipping Tool gives you options for taking screenshots, recording your screen, and more. It’s certainly more functionality than what Print Screen used to offer up, and you won’t have to hit Print Screen, copy your screenshot, and paste it into Paint any longer since the Snipping Tool can handle all that.

However, if you’re set in your ways and resent change, well, you’re in luck, because via Windows Settings you will be able to switch between traditional Print Screen functionality and accessing the Snipping Tool. All told, there likely isn’t much reason to prefer the legacy functionality, though, you will have to take an extra second to get your screenshot beyond simply pressing a button.

It’s also not necessarily set in stone that this update will roll out to Windows 11 in general, but if we had to guess, it seems likely that it will come eventually. Though, at the moment, there isn’t any indication of when that might happen. For now, at least, you’ll get to enjoy the classic Print Screen button, but even still, the Snipping Tool is a reliable, modern way to take screenshots that’s worth a try.


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