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Memory Haven: Three teenagers invent award-winning app for people with dementia

Originally posted on inews.

Rachael, 16, Margaret, 17, and Joy, 17, were worried about how people with dementia were coping during lockdown, so they decided to design and code an app called Memory Haven.

The Nigerian-Irish trio developed the app which among other things uses music to comfort those living with dementia. As well as this it won a prize at the prestigious technology competition, Technovation, beating 1,500 other entries from across 62 countries.

How does the music section work? 

The app uses facial recognition. It will detect the person’s mood by reading their facial expression and tailor the music it plays accordingly.

“So if they are sad it will play a playlist to brighten up their spirits,” says Rachael.

What else does the app do?  

It has five other main features as well as the music which include a health check, a photo wallet, reminder alerts, a memory game feature and a reach-out feature that can be used to contact friends, families, caregivers, doctors or emergency services.

What was the inspiration for the app?  

They decided to develop the app when their mentor, Evelyn Nomayo, lost her mother to dementia. Lockdown also got them thinking about all those who could do with some help. Then when they found out how many people live with dementia they realised they had to do something.  It is estimated that globally there are 50 million people living with dementia.

What do the teenagers say? 

They want as many people as possible to benefit from their app.

“The main aim for all of us was to try and help as many families, individuals and communities because we know firsthand how tough it is knowing somebody living with dementia,” they explain. “We hope the app can go global one day and reach millions of people who are affected by dementia and help make their lives somewhat easier.”

Source: inews

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