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Make The Most Eye-Catching Social Media Animation Posts With These Two AI Tools

Originally posted on aitoolsclub.

Happy New Year! Happy 2024! A new year means new beginnings. It is time to restart and refresh your mental, physical, and emotional being. A new year also brings new improvements in the business and marketing world. The top priority of businesses and brands in 2024 is going to be marketing, however, it will not be just regular marketing stuff – companies and brands will target social media marketing for product promotion and brand awareness. Social media is at the forefront of all major activities that happen in our lives. Social media is a way of communication, a way of self or brand promotion, a way of connecting people together, and a way of monetization and earning a living.

Yes! You can earn a good living from social media, especially in 2024 when the advertisement market will grow more and people will be hungry for more content to consume. But for that, you need to gain followers, and to gain followers you need to create content. You as an individual or social media marketing team member can now create animated posts for your or your company’s social media account to gain attraction and engagement on your content. Benefiting both you and the company. And guess what? It’s a secret. You don’t even need the experience to create those animated posts and it is absolutely FREE!

Let’s check out how easily you can capture the audience with the help of these two AI tools:

Step 1: Visit this Adobe Express website and create an account.

Step 2: Click on ‘Create now’.

Step 3: Choose your Character, Background, and Size of the social media post according to your preference.

Step 4: Go to PlayHT and sign up.

Step 5: You can ‘Clone’ or ‘Generate AI Voices’ from simple text prompts which you can adjust to your style easily, and ‘Export’ them within 2 simple clicks.

Step 6: Add the generated voice to the animation you created and download your masterpiece. You can even record your own voice as well.

Yes! It is that easy and has so much potential that most people might not even realize. Adobe is a massive well respected multi-billion dollar company and you should take advantage of the free opportunity it is providing you to create that will bring benefits to you and the organization you are part of. PlayHT on the other hand is giving you the same treatment as Adobe, providing you with this amazing opportunity to turn your words into a new story. Both of these AI tools are free to use and easy to work with. Try it out yourself!

Source: aitoolsclub

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