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Infographic: 11 essential skills marketers must hone

Marketers must be willing—and able—to adapt and grow in their profession.

Lines continue to blur between marketing, PR and social media management. The content landscape remains crowded and technology is developing at a breakneck pace.

More than ever, “brand manager” is an all-encompassing job title that includes tasks such as social media management, tracking data, crafting engaging content and driving conversions.

Maryville University takes an in-depth look at the importance of these and other skills that brand managers must possess in today’s rapidly evolving industry in this infographic.

It includes:

  • Content marketing is a crucial skill for marketers, but while 86 percent say they use it in their strategy, only 36 percent say their expertise is “sophisticated” or “mature.”
  • Social media marketing is another area of expertise to develop, as 70 percent of Gen Z purchases their products or services on these digital platforms.
  • Tracking user experience and the customer journey is essential for boosting sales and building customer loyalty.

Consider the full infographic below for additional techniques to add to your marketing repertoire.

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