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How to use your iPhone as a white noise machine

Originally posted on theverge.

Relaxation-inducing sounds are built right into your operating system

  • Ocean
  • Rain
  • Stream

On the main Background Sounds menu page, you can also adjust the volume of the white noise independently from other phone functions. There are also options to enable background sounds while playing other media on your phone and to have sounds stop playing when the screen is locked.

Background Sounds is nested under the Audio/Visual option in your Accessibility settings.
On the Background Sounds menu page, you can set your preferred sounds and adjust the volume.

There’s a quick way to access all of this if you’d rather not dive into menus every time you want to turn on white noise. Once you’ve set your preferred sound from the options above, follow these steps:

  • Navigate back to the Accessibility menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and tap Accessibility Shortcut (under General).
  • Tap Background Sounds to select it from the list.

This will set white noise as your accessibility shortcut so your preferred background sound will play anytime you triple-click the side button, even with the screen locked. You can map this function to Back Tap, too, if you prefer.

Either way, you’ve got instant access to relaxation-inducing sounds whenever you need them.

Source: theverge

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