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How to Save Your Photos From Google Album Archive Before They’re Deleted

Originally posted on cnet.

Google says all media in Album Archive will disappear on July 19.

Never heard of Google Album Archive? You’re not alone. Though Album Archive might not be a household name, it could be harboring some of your photos and videos, and Google plans to delete them all in only a few weeks.

Google Album Archive is a catchall destination for older media you’ve shared on various Google services that generally isn’t stored elsewhere. Google contacted users on June 18 to let them know that Album Archive will be shutting down on July 19, 2023. You’ve got until that date to use Google Takeout to export any files you’d like to keep.

Not sure what media of yours is in Google Album Archive or how to use Google Takeout? Have no fear — we’ll show you everything you need to know to keep from losing those old photos and videos. For more, here’s what’s new in Google Maps and how to check out the next version of Android.

What is Google Album Archive?

Google Album Archive is a repository for photos and videos that you’ve shared on older Google services like Hangouts (now Google Chat) or Google Plus. It can also include media from Blogger and Picasa Web Albums, old profile pictures, YouTube channel art or automated backups.

Some of the images and videos in Album Archive are also available in Google Photos, Blogger and Google Chat, but others exist only in Album Archive. On July 19, 2023, Google will be eliminating Album Archive and deleting the files in it.

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