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How to edit a PDF in Google Docs

Originally posted on laptopmag.

Not long ago, you either needed to own a copy of Adobe Acrobat or use some third-party software you downloaded from a shady website to edit a PDF. Thankfully, in 2021, it’s extremely easy to edit a PDF in Google Docs so long as you’re careful about image formatting.

If you Google “how to edit a PDF in Google Docs,” you’ll see sponsored ads and articles pitching Chrome applications that will help you get the job done. Many of these apps are free and useful, but most people don’t feel comfortable downloading something from an unknown developer. But instead, of taking a risk on the unknown, you can edit your PDFs right in Docs. All it takes is a few clicks and in a few short moments you’ll be to start editing. However, you have to be mindful of the formatting, especially with images. Once you’re done, you can export the document as a PDF.

Sounds easy, I know. I thought the same thing and overcomplicated it in my head for days, so let me show you how easy it really is. And be sure to check out our guide to editing a PDF in Microsoft Word in case you’re not a Google Docs fan.

How to upload your PDF into Google Drive

1. If you’re using Google Chrome, click open a new tab, then on the upper-right corner, near your Avatar, click on the Google Apps box and select Google Drive. 

2. Once your Google Drive is open, drag and drop the PDF file into a cloud storage folder.
3. Right-click on your PDF file. When the pop-up window appears, select “Open with” and select “Google Docs.”
4. It will take a moment for the PDF to be converted into an editable Google Doc, but once it opens, you can start making edits.
5. When you’re done editing, you can then share it via email or go to the top-left corner of your document and select “File,” then select “Download” and choose the “PDF Document,” and it will download your edited PDF to your computer.

Much like editing a PDF in Word, you need to check your formatting. PDFs with many images can result in formatting issues. Also, be wary that you may experience some formatting issues with text-heavy PDFs depending on how the original document was formatted.

But that’s it! Now you can edit PDFs to add or remove information then resave them as a PDF.

Source: laptopmag

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