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How to Contact Microsoft Tech Support

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Stuck in a never-ending troubleshooting process? Microsoft is here to help.

When your Windows machine goes awry, you can usually fix the problem yourself. However, in some instances, you’ll have no option but to contact Microsoft. Fortunately, getting in touch with the software giant is easy to do.

So, let’s explore how to contact Microsoft and the different avenues you can take.

1. Use the Built-In Windows App

Windows 10 comes with a pre-installed app named Get Help that you can use to contact tech support. You can access it from the Apps list or simply make a search for it within the Start menu search bar.

Once you launch the app, describe the issue you are experiencing within the search field. Get Help will automatically suggest a few related articles. Once you select the one that matches your issue, Windows will open the relevant help article in Microsft Edge.

Get help app

If you try describing your issue in multiple ways and still can’t find a useful suggestion, select the Contact Support button from the bottom of the window. Then, describe your issues using the drop-down menu. Once you’ve done it, click Confirm so Get Help will start looking for a solution.

Depending on your problem, Get Help will suggest various support options.

Get help app

Once you select your support option, a chat window will be opened in your browser. There, a tech support worker will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Note: Once the chat opens, pay attention to it and reply to the Microsoft representative questions. If there’s no activity for a few minutes, the chat will close.

2. Use Microsoft’s Online Support

Head to the Microsoft support site and describe your problem in the How can we help you? field. Like using the app, you will get a few suggestions based on how you describe the issue.

Microsoft online support

Additionally, maybe a visit to the Microsoft Community section will turn out to be useful.

3. Call the Customer Service Line

You can call them and talk with a representative about your tech problem. If you are living in the United States, dial +1 (800) 642 7676 and once you reach one of the available agents, they will guide you through all possible solutions for your problem.

If you are not living in the United States, you can find the tech support phone number for your country on this website.

4. Go Through Microsoft Store’s Tech Support

If you have issues with sales, shopping, or purchases, you can contact Microsoft for support. You can go to the Microsoft Store help page and look for a solution there or you can call them directly.

You can find the sales support phone number for your country on the Microsoft Store Support directory.

5. Send a Tweet to Microsoft’s Support Twitter

If you think your tech problems need just a minor tweak, send Microsoft a tweet. Enter the @MicrosoftHelps handle at the beginning of your tweet and shortly describe the problem. Microsoft will reply with a solution or ask you to contact them directly for more detailed instructions.

Pay Attention to Tech Support Scams

Scammers could call or email you claiming to be software company representatives. They might have caller IDs or emails that may look legit to gain your trust.

Usually, tech scammers will ask you to install an app so they can get remote access to your device. Through remote access, they will pretend to fix your so-called problems and ask for payment in return. Also, they could copy sensitive information from your device and use it for their interest.

To prevent this situation from happening, remember that Microsoft will not ask for any form of payment in exchange for tech support. Also, Microsoft doesn’t ask for personal or financial information.

If you plan on installing a new app, download it from trusted websites.

Ask Microsoft for Help

The advantage of contacting Microsoft tech support is the solutions they will provide are up to date. This will save you time as not every site or forum mentions updates their content constantly.


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