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How to achieve SEO success in 2019

A fresh approach is essential if you want to rank highly on important search engine results pages. This guide offers insight into trends that spell success for your website in the new year.

In the constant cycle of algorithm updates and new trends, what will help land your website atop influential search engine results in the coming year?According to this infographic from Logo Design Guru, your efforts should focus on your customers if you wish to achieve success in the evolving online landscape. Brand managers should also tap into the power of technological advancements in their content strategy.

However, offering quality content should not be ignored as this will help grow organic search traffic.

The guide discusses ten trends that marketers should take note of as the new year rolls around, along with tips for implementing them in their strategy.

Insights include:

  • Optimize for voice search, as 50 percent of searches are expected to be voice-based by 2020.
  • Avoid an increased bounce rate by creating a seamless website that users will enjoy.
  • Invest in influencer marketing to earn relevant backlinks to your website.

Source: prdaily

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