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How Technology Has Divided Us

Nowadays we are connected to each other more than ever through technology. The devices we carry in our pockets allow us to communicate to anyone in the world at all times and information is being exchanged at a record rate in human history. The second tragedy happens in China, people in New York already know the important details regarding the matter. Yes, technology has truly revolutionized the world in the span of a decade or so. But with all of these technological advancements, there are a few ways that technology has socially devolved humanity.


The phrase “too much of a good thing” is something that could certainly apply to the digital age that we live in. No matter your qualifications or background, everybody with access to the internet can portray themselves as an expert in literally any and everything. As long as you have enough followers and social influence, you can be the driving force behind any movement in today’s fast-paced environment. Of course, there are individuals that use their influence in more positive ways but the saturation of social media personalities has made easily impressionable minds more vulnerable. Without much guidance, this can have devastating effects on their sense of self.

How Technology Has Divided Us


Ironically enough, the generation that has grown alongside the development of social media lacks social skills in person. Now, this blanket statement doesn’t apply to everyone but there’s a reason why you’ll see many teens and people in their twenties buried in their phone in public areas. The room could be filled with countless unique individuals with different backgrounds and personalities but unless there’s an aura of familiarity, the newer generation will keep their eyes glued to their devices. In fact, they’ll strike up a huge virtual conversation with friends miles away instead of actually engaging with human contact. Being that I’ve grown up in this generation myself and not only watched but participated in these scenarios, I feel that this is a byproduct of the digital age.

How Technology Has Divided Us


Instead of connecting us, social media isolates by warping the self-worth of its users. Those with a sense of self-worth are able to resist this side effect, but many users lack this mental fortitude. These individuals will stress themselves out in the name of growing their presence on social media. Countless individuals have thrown away their lives in the name of social media. Of course, all of this isn’t the fault of the technology itself, but it’s merely the unintended side effects of a world dealing with this new perception of itself. For this reason, it’s extremely important that developing minds are taught to embrace their identities. The personas on social media that they aspire to be are more often than not false.

How Technology Has Divided Us


Technology shouldn’t be eradicated by any means. No, that’s not the point of me writing this. I feel that like most things in life, balance is required to maintain one’s inner peace. There’s nothing wrong with loving social media or the many devices that connect us together, but your entire happiness shouldn’t depend on your devices. The biggest concern I have is the youth growing up within the digital age. I personally couldn’t imagine forming my self-identity within the advent of social media. While I’m only twenty-four, I grew up in the prime of sites such as MySpace, Instagram and Twitter weren’t exactly the norm just yet. Yes, my peers were heavily invested in their Myspace accounts and eventually Facebooks profiles, but social media hadn’t exactly taken over the world just yet. In conclusion, seek balance in order to retain your sanity in this digital world.

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