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Here’s What Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You and How You Do Business

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And here’s how to create the profile that conveys all of your strengths.

Your LinkedIn profile speaks volumes about you and how you do business, and you might not even realize it. For the sake of your business reputation, it’s important that you do realize it.

Here are some of the positive messages your LinkedIn page could be conveying to your network and to the potential clients, business partners, employees and recruiters who check you out.

“I know details matter.”

You’ll know this is you if you have paid close attention to every aspect of your profile, starting at the top. You have created a custom URL, getting rid of the ugly string of random characters LinkedIn assigned when you set up your page. You have uploaded a headshot as well as a cover image.

All of your jobs are listed, and each one has a brief or bulleted description of responsibilities and highlights. And, of course, your current city, title and contact information are all up to date.

You know it’s one thing to say in your ‘About’ story that details matter; it’s another to show that they do.

“I take every opportunity to take control of and tell my story.”

You have taken time to complete the ‘About’ section, telling those who come to your page the story of your career and your business — and not just what you do or have done but why.

You know that this section is for telling a story, not stringing together a bunch of buzzwords and phrases like “strategic thinker” or “industry leader.”

“I’m a giver, not a taker.”

You have given as many or close to as many recommendations as you have received.

You have a volunteer section on your profile, and it lists several volunteer positions or activities.

Finally, you respond to your messages, rather than sending messages only when you want something like an introduction, meeting, referral or recommendation.

“I’m a thought leader in my industry.”

You have written and posted articles to LinkedIn. These articles aren’t blatant sales pieces either, but rather they are aimed at informing your audience and providing readers with actionable insight that helps them professionally or personally.

Perhaps you have also posted links to news stories in which you’ve been quoted or company videos in which they are featured.

To make sure that others always see these media links when on your page, you have linked them to the appropriate jobs or right under your ‘About’ story. This would also score you points for being detail oriented.

If these aren’t the messages your LinkedIn profile is sending, no worries; now you know what you need to do.

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