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Here’s How to Make Smooth Transitions on TikTok and Instagram Reels

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With its unique cuts and cool effects, TikTok has changed the game of video editing. Nowadays, video is all about what keeps your attention, and with TikTok videos lasting a maximum of 60 seconds (Instagram Reels being 30 seconds), creators are getting innovative with the way they transition from scene to scene. Perhaps you’re doing a fashion video with a lot of outfit changes, an Amazon haul where you show off all the products you love, or a quick before and after, a cool transition will help get you there in style. Right now, TikTok offers eight transitions on the app, but users have gotten creative in making their own transitions themselves with fun moves like hair flips, snaps, waves, twirls, and more. If you’re interested in learning a few for yourself as well as some tips for doing them, keep reading.

Ideas For TikTok Transitions

  • Hand Swipe
  • Head Push
  • Hair Flip
  • Hand Snap
  • Hand Wave
  • Body Twirl
  • Camera Twirl
  • Cover the Camera
  • Arm Cross

Tips For Making TikTok Transitions Successful

First and foremost, the equipment you have makes a huge difference when doing a TikTok transition. Tripods are ideal so you can record your video hands-free and ensure that your phone stays put so that your transition looks natural and steady. Setting your video on a timer is also a huge help since you don’t have to press stop when you’re finished recording. Another important note for TikTok transitions is to keep your hands in place for multiple seconds after the transition. For example, if you’re snapping make sure you hold the end of the snapping motion so that editing is easier.

Video Editing Apps For Transitions

While you can always edit videos in TikTok, it can get tricky recording multiple transitions with only a 60-second limit. Instead, there are other editing apps like KapwingViaMakerInshotFunimate, and more that will get the job done in a much easier way, that can then be uploaded on TikTok.

Source: popsugar

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