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Here Are 8 YouTube Channels That Are Just As Good As College Level Classes

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College isn’t for everyone, but education is.

With soaring tuition costs, it’s no surprise people are more open than ever to self-teaching methods to learn about what interests them. YouTube has been a trusted tool for this.

YouTube has more than 2.6 billion monthly active users with many turning to the video platform as a resource to gain knowledge on everything from DIY house projects to beauty tutorials. But what some don’t realize is how good some of the content really is on YouTube, like university-level good.

As this Twitter user pointed out, the right combination of YouTube channels might be able to serve as useful supplements to any classes that are already taken, or if you opt out enrolling in college altogether. If you’re not a student, you can gain incredible insight from the comfort of your smartphone, as they can help you to never stop learning.

Crash Course

If you’re struggling with a particular academic subject then Crash Course can help. There’s a myriad of courses explained in digestible ways, including physics, philosophy, games, economics, U.S. government and politics, astronomy, anatomy & physiology, world history, biology, sociology, computer science, film history, mythology, literature, ecology, chemistry, psychology, and U.S. history.

Practical Engineering

While engineering can easily be thought of as a daunting topic, Practical Engineering, illustrates just how relatable and interesting really is.

Practical Engineering utilizes real-scale models and examples to explain engineering concepts. Minimally, the channel will offer a deeper appreciation for engineering and how it makes the world go round. It also teaches basic concepts that can be applied to everyday life.

Cool Worlds

The brain child of David Kipping, a professor in the Department of Astronomy at Columbia University, this channel lets viewers explore astronomy, exoplanets, astro-engineering, the search for extraterrestrial life and futurism.

The Google Business Channel

This channel showcases how small businesses and entrepreneurs use Google resources to take on challenges and grow their businesses online.

Marie Forleo

A staple on YouTube, Forleo has been creating content for entrepreneurs and small business owners for nearly a decade. A funny, kind and relatable presence, she regularly interview business experts and overall success stories about their entrepreneurial journeys and all the steps they took along the way.

She discusses everything from finances to burnout tips.

Roberto Blake

Blake is an expert on teaching his viewers how to make passive income and grow it, much like a college-level business course.

“Being a Creative Entrepreneur is different, you have to balance your art and craft with the challenges of running a business. I help enable people by helping reinforce or introduce technical skills, creative thinking, but also the practical ways to approach business and deal with clients and customers as a creative. The channel covers everything from tech, tools, techniques, and tactics while also offering encouragement and advice.”


This platform offers inexpensive courses for its more than 3 million students, but its YouTube channel is a great resource to snag some completely free insight. It’s ideal for people who are serious about starting a new business and scaling, because it allows connects viewers to mentors.


TEDTalks are world-renowned for curating the best ideas from prolific thinkers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. This channel hones conferences and some classes that help offer viewers a larger world view.

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