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Everything Parents Should Know About BeReal, the App That’s Supposed To Be ‘More Authentic’ Than IG or TikTok

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Is it actually safe?

Just what every parent wants to hear is that there is yet another social media app that their teens are being drawn to. Many parents are already concerned about what their kids see on their feeds on a daily basis. Besides being a huge distraction, teens are also exposed to bullying, peer pressure and very unrealistic views of their peers’ lives. All of these things can lead to an increase in depression and anxiety. When a person is seeing what they think is the ideal life in the majority of their friends, their own life will pale in comparison. So what is BeReal, exactly?

Just the name of the app, BeReal, gives the impression that it will give a more authentic look into another person’s life. At this point, many parents and teens have grown tired of the enhanced fairy tale version of a life that some of their peers want to put on display. Instead of either being focused on enjoying life or being transparent with friends and family about what they might be struggling with, many are more focused on what they want their followers to see. But always putting on a happy face and covering up real-life issues can be exhausting. This is exactly why Apple created the BeReal app. It is supposed to be much more transparent and authentic.

We’ll explain exactly what the BeReal app is, how it works and what parents need to watch out for.

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