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Coding in seconds is now possible

Originally posted on crypotopolitan.

In the tech world, a new star is rising. Its name? Phind-70B. This AI model is changing the coding game everywhere. It’s fast, smart, and ready to take on GPT-4 Turbo, its big rival.

Phind-70B is not just another AI. It’s built on the solid base of CodeLlama-70B but boosted with 50 billion more tokens. What does this mean? It means Phind-70B can think faster and smarter, giving coders answers and code at lightning speed—up to 80 tokens per second!

Speed meets quality

But Phind-70B isn’t just about speed. It can handle complex code and deep context, thanks to its 32K token window. This is a big deal. It means Phind-70B doesn’t just spit out quick answers; it gives quality code that fits what you’re really asking for.

When we look at the numbers, Phind-70B doesn’t just talk a big game; it delivers. In head-to-head tests, it beat GPT-4 Turbo in the HumanEval benchmark. It scored a bit lower on the Meta’s CRUXEval dataset but remember, real-world coding is where Phind-70B shines.

The secret sauce

How does Phind-70B do it? Two words: TensorRT-LLM. This tech, from NVIDIA, used on the newest H100 GPUs, makes the Phind-70B not just fast but super efficient. This is why it can think four times faster than GPT-4 Turbo.

Phind-70B is not locked away in some lab. Thanks to partnerships with cloud giants SF Compute and AWS, it’s out there for any coder to try. And the best part? You can start using it without even signing up. If you want more features, there’s a Pro subscription, but the door is open for everyone to step into the future of coding.

The team behind Phind-70B is all about sharing. They’re planning to release the weights for the Phind-34B model, and they’re not stopping there. The ultimate goal? To make Phind-70B’s weights public, too. This move will help the coding community grow and innovate together.

A step forward in coding

Phind-70B is not just another AI model. It’s a leap forward in making coding faster, smarter, and more accessible. With its unmatched speed and code quality, it’s setting a new standard for AI-assisted coding. For developers around the world, Phind-70B is not just a tool; it’s a revolution.

The tech world is buzzing with the arrival of Phind-70B. It’s a game-changer for coders, promising to make their work easier, faster, and better. With its state-of-the-art technology and community-focused approach, Phind-70B is paving the way for a new era in coding. Get ready to code at the speed of thought with Phind-70B.

Source: cryptopolitan

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