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Can You No Longer Schedule Facebook Page Posts?

During the past week, I’ve received multiple complaints from marketers who are currently unable to schedule their Facebook Page posts. I’ve checked my pages, and I see the same.

Schedule Facebook Page Post Problem

As you can see in the screenshot above, I can only publish now, backdate, or save the post as a draft.

I am going to assume that this is a bug because there’s virtually no good reason to remove this capability. To make it weirder, some have told me that they can still schedule posts.

This is likely going to be fixed quickly. But, if you rely heavily on scheduling content to your Facebook page, know that there are two known workarounds in the meantime.

Save as Draft, Then Schedule

In the example above, you saw that I could save my post as a draft. If you do that, you can then find the saved draft and THEN schedule it.

After creating the saved draft, you should be able to access it quickly below your page publisher.

Facebook Post Saved Draft

Otherwise, you can find your saved drafts within Publishing Tools under “Posts.”

Facebook Post Saved Draft

Select that post and then choose “Schedule” from the Actions.

Schedule Facebook Page Post Problem

You should then be able to schedule that post.

Schedule Facebook Page Post Problem

Use the Creator Studio

There was some talk within the Power Hitters Club that the removal of scheduling posts from the page publisher was intentional. The reason: To get people to use the new Creator Studio.

You can still schedule posts from the Creator Studio. Access it from your Publishing Tools under “Tools.”

Facebook Creator Studio

Click “Create Post” at the top left.

Facebook Creator Studio Create Post

A publisher will now slide out from the right side.

Facebook Creator Studio Create Post

The Publish button is at the very bottom, and if you click the arrow next to it, you’ll see the option to schedule.

Facebook Creator Studio Create Post

Source: jonloomer

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