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Add a Poll to Facebook Video Ads and Posts

Facebook marketers are always looking for ways to create content that people actually want to engage with. Facebook video polls could be a great solution.

Let’s take a closer look at an example of a Facebook video poll and how you can set one up yourself…

Example of a Video Poll

Here’s an example of a video post that I created on my page that includes a poll within it.

The poll comes up at about 19 seconds. The poll question is, “Is this a feature you will use?”

Facebook Video Poll

Once you answer the poll, you’ll see the vote results (per the way I set it up in the instructions below).

Facebook Video Poll

Set Up Polls in Facebook Video Posts

When you create a video post from your business’s Facebook page, you can add a poll to collect opinions from those watching it.

Let’s walk through the steps to create a Facebook video poll

1. Click “Photo/Video” from the publisher on your page.

Facebook Video Poll

2. Click to “Upload Photos/Video.”

Facebook Video Poll

3. After selecting the video, you’ll get a dialog that looks like this…

Facebook Video Poll

Complete the Title, Description, Tags, and everything else as you normally would.

4. Click “Polls” on the right.

Facebook Video Poll

5. Click “Create Poll.”

Facebook Video Poll

6. On the right-hand side, create your question with two or more potential answers.

Facebook Video Poll

7. Indicate when the poll should appear within your video. You can either enter the exact start and end times manually, or by selecting and dragging the segment in green under the video.

Facebook Video Poll

8. Indicate whether you want to publish the results of the poll for the user immediately after they vote, at a scheduled time, or never.

Facebook Video Poll

9. If “Schedule” is chosen, indicate the time and date you want results published.

Facebook Video Poll

10. Click “Save.”

11. Create another poll! Yes, you can add multiple polls to the same video. Not required, of course.

Facebook Video Poll

Create a Facebook Video Ad with a Poll

This is something that has been tested since at least late 2018. I actually don’t have it yet, but my understanding is that once you select a video in Ads Manager when creating an ad, the Poll option appears when customizing the video.

The following screenshot is provided by Tod Maffin, a member of our PHC – Elite community:

Facebook Video Poll

Unfortunately, when I customize a video, it looks like this:

Facebook Video Poll

However, that doesn’t mean I’m out of luck. I can still promote the organic post that I already created that contains a poll. I can either do this within Ads Manager…

Facebook Video Poll

Or you can simply boost the post from your page.


Poll Results?

So far, I’m not clear regarding how to find the true participation level for the poll. I only know how votes are distributed in terms of percentages.

What I can tell you is that this post has performed quite well. Is that because of the poll? Or is it just the nature of the video post generally? More testing will be required.

Source: jonloomer

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