3-5 Evaggelikis Scholis, 14231 Nea Ionia, Greece

About Us

Who we are

Conne3ion was founded in 2005 having as a main activity designing and developing software applications for the internet as well as for local intranets.

Since then we evolved in a social media and software development company of the new economy


Our vision is the continuous pioneering and development of technological tools and services to transform companies and processes in our ever demanding economy.


Our aim is to develop software, environments and services for companies and organizations that wish to project and promote their services and products through the internet but also through other forms of modern technologies.

We apply with custom-care conception and team spirit to companies, organizations using the latest technology and international standards.

We provide integrated solutions and we take up whatever the project, collaborating with other companies keeping in mind your operational needs.

Our  qualified people in Conne3ion, will analyze your needs, study the market and will give definite solutions and directions.

WHY Conne3ion

  • We deliver social media services and exceptional software together with excellent customer experience.
  • We hire people with extensive experience, knowledge and skills,  paying attention to detail and building an amazing customer relationship.
  • We enable our people with processes that adapt to changing environments and technologies.
  • We enjoy working with people and companies with vision and strive to always exceed expectations.
  • We believe in people. In our team, in your company, in an agency or in large businesses we work with.
  • We trust that our experience and desire to innovate is making the difference so far.
  • Our company is self-funded, self-motivated, profitable and growing.


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Usability & Design
Social Media