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6 powerful Windows apps that tweak, tune, and speed up your PC

Originally posted on pcworld.

With tweaking tools, you can repair, speed up, clean up, and customize Windows to suit your requirements.

With tweaking tools such as WingetUI or Microsoft PC Manager, you can not only improve settings in Windows 10/11, but also fix problems. This often works faster and more effectively than with manual changes to the registry or other system files.

In this article, we will show you some of the best tweaking tools currently available for Windows, which are also available free of charge. Some of the tools are portable, i.e. you do not need to install them, but can simply start them, even from USB sticks.

NetAdapter Repair – fix network problems

If Windows can no longer communicate properly with the network or the internet, the open source tool NetAdapter Repair is an ideal tool. Once started, various buttons are available to repair individual areas in Windows that are causing problems with the network.

Inexperienced users in particular can use it to fix problems that otherwise only experienced users would dare to tackle. In addition to simpler problems, such as deleting the DNS cache, retrieving a new IP address, or cleaning up the hosts file, you can also repair VPN settings, reset the Windows firewall, and much more.

The routing table can also be repaired in this area. It’s also possible to select and start several tasks at once at this point. The “Run All Selected” button is available for this purpose. To be able to perform all actions, you should start NetAdapter Repair with admin rights. On the right-hand side, you can also see the external IP address of the internet access and the IP settings of the computer.

The tool therefore provides information on the network settings and the option to rectify errors at the same time.

Microsoft PC Manager helps to clean up Windows

With the free Microsoft PC Manager tool, users can very easily clean up and optimize their PC and search for errors.

The tool can perform a health check and a deep cleanup. Autostart programs can also be cleaned up. The tool also helps to block pop-ups and much more.

PC Manager helps to clean up the system and can delete files that are no longer needed.

AutoPowerOptionsOK and saving energy

The small AutoPowerOptionsOK tool helps with the management and use of power options. The tool extends the standard options and integrates itself directly into the tray area of the taskbar. The tool can be used to access the Windows energy settings and further options are available via the context menu.

AutoPowerOptionsOK is therefore an ideal tool for notebooks or for computers where optimum power settings are important.

Winaero Tweaker is the top dog

WinaeroTweaker is one of the best-known tweaking tools on the market and can change a whole host of settings in Windows. Winaero Tweaker can also be extracted as a portable version during installation. The tool supports numerous settings that can be implemented with just a few clicks. In addition to Windows 10 and Windows 11, Winaero Tweaker can also customize settings in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Winaero Tweaker enables the activation of complete context menus without the entry “Show more options” and the restoration of the classic taskbar and ribbon design in File Explorer. In addition, the position and size of the taskbar can be changed, all background apps can be deactivated simultaneously, and there are shortcut tools to start applications as an administrator without UAC confirmation or to open system folders and settings directly.

Users can create shortcuts to the classic shutdown dialogue and remove unwanted overlay icons from shortcuts. The tool makes it possible to restore the classic search in File Explorer, use the classic Windows photo indicator and the classic volume control, and permanently deactivate Windows telemetry, Windows Defender, and Windows Update.

Adverts and unwanted apps can be blocked, the integrated administrator account can be activated, and automatic registry backups can be set up. Further adjustments relate to drag-and-drop sensitivity, deactivating notifications, and the Action Center as well as resetting the icon cache and all Group Policy options. Network options, such as changing the RDP port and making network drives accessible to elevated applications, are also available.

Customization of the Windows interface includes personalizing folders in Explorer, increasing taskbar transparency, displaying seconds in the taskbar clock, and disabling blurring on the logon screen. Winaero Tweaker also allows you to add useful context menus, hide unwanted entries, and customize default apps for image editing contexts.

These comprehensive functions make Winaero Tweaker an indispensable tool for in-depth customization and optimization of Windows systems.

TweakPower – The Windows Cleaner

Another tweaking tool for Windows is TweakPower. After installation, numerous setting options are also available here. The tool primarily helps with cleaning up Windows and optimizing the operating system.

TweakPower can be used to replace system and desktop icons, optimize network properties and memory, and adjust drive and security settings. The program allows you to clean the hard drive, split and encrypt files, and delete data irrevocably. Users can customize Windows to their liking by changing settings for the system, input devices, drives, and applications.

They can also customize the appearance of Windows by changing colors, icons, the Start menu, and other visual elements. TweakPower tidies up your PC by removing unnecessary files, cleaning the registry, and deleting internet traces. The security features protect the PC by managing firewall settings, automatic updates, and user account control.

Data can be securely deleted and encrypted to protect privacy. Economy Mode reduces power consumption and extends battery life, while Game Mode disables unnecessary processes to improve performance when gaming and streaming.

System maintenance includes managing autostart programs, fixing hard drive errors and typical Windows problems, and creating restore points and backups. Add-ons such as the file splitter and the defragmentation function improve file management and system performance, while the Task Manager provides control over active programs. The performance index evaluates the computer’s hardware components and displays the overall performance.

TweakPower supports multiple languages and is compatible with different versions of Windows, making it a valuable tool for system optimization.

Improve data protection in Windows 10/11

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are data octopuses when it comes to data protection. The small, free tool W10Privacy puts an end to snooping with just one click. The tool can also be used as a portable version during installation. Some virus scanners report a false-positive malware infection of the tool, mainly Microsoft Defender. However, if you download W10Privacy from the developer’s website, you will not catch a virus.

Source: pcworld

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