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6 ChatGPT Prompts To Simplify Your Business (And Unlock Huge Results)

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Most people are doing too much. Most businesses are too. Pursuing multiple goals, straddling multiple strategies, beating themselves up when they fail to achieve excellence in every field, failing to realize it’s because they have spread themselves too thin. It’s a crazy endeavor that doesn’t end well. Burnout, disappointment and a failure to reach potential is on the other side of letting things get complicated. So stop doing that.

When things are simple, life is happier. ChatGPT can help you do less but better by reducing your business and life down to the pure essentials. Analyze, subtract, and go from there. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Simplify your business: do less but better with ChatGPT

Let go of periphery goals

“I’d love to organize a team retreat.” “I want to hit $1million in annual revenue.” “I need to add a new product to our offering.” How often do you set new targets without thinking about the cost? With an entire bucket list of goals in front of you, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed. The best business people know that obsessive intensity is required to do something well. And that means doing less. Letting go of all those goals around the edges that just don’t matter compared to your main couple. Simply chop them out.

“I have a number of things I want to achieve in my business, each with different levels of difficulty and priority. Help me reduce my long list of goals down to the most important one. Acting as a goal-setting coach, begin by asking me to list my top 10 life goals. Then, ask questions one by one to assess the priority order and define what matters the most. Keep asking questions one by one until we have just one or two main goals. After that, help me happily let go of the others by explaining how pursuing the other goals will cost my main ones.”

Delete most of your to-do list

Not only should you let go of periphery goals, but you should let go of actions that don’t contribute to your primary goal. It’s not always easy to work out what those are. Obligations and habits keep us ticking off daily and weekly tasks because we always have. But when’s the last time you cast a critical eye over how you’re spending your time? Now you have your main goals set in stone, simply remove things that don’t have a direct path to their achievement.

“Now you know my top business goals, help me ensure everything I do each day contributes towards them. Acting as a business productivity coach, ask me to describe what I did yesterday, hour by hour. After I answer, ask critical questions about which exercises lead to the achievement of my main goals. Your task is to instruct me, directly and persuasively, to drop the things that don’t contribute, even if I offer resistance.”

Most of your business success is achieved by just a few things. Now you’re doing less of your list, you have the space to double down and see what can be done. Now is the time to double down, experiment, go down rabbit holes of things to try and measure every metric to assess the results. What would happen if you tripled the number of articles you wrote? Or attended twice the events? How about sending double the emails to your list, or letting three people work on your SEO instead of just one? You’ve made the moves to do less, now do better.

“From the last exercise, we have deleted much of my to-do list by cutting out the daily actions that don’t contribute to my main goals. Now I want to run a thought experiment where we expand the actions that do contribute, to expand the energy I put into those tasks. Growth levers are strategies or tactics that a business can use to drive growth. First, state what the main growth levers for my business could be. When I confirm, suggest 10 things I could add to expand the results of my efforts in those fields. Include experiments to run, metrics to measure, and how I could double output.”

Outsource the admin

Not everything that needs to be done needs to be done by you. Holding onto tasks far below your capability is keeping your business small. Without continuing to clear space for that doubling down that will make all the difference, you’re right back on the strugglebus with administrative tasks blocking your way to gainesville. Don’t let it happen. Identify the simple but essential tasks and figure out how to delegate, automate or eliminate. The people are ready to help, the software programs want the responsibility, you just need to hand them over. For this prompt, use ChatGPT Voice to talk it all through.

“Boring yet essential tasks in my business include [list them here, for example accounting, HR, payroll, small set up tasks]. Let’s go through them one by one. Your task is to create a two-column standard operating procedure (SOP) for each one after hearing me talk through the process. I will describe each step of the process and what the step involves, and you will populate a table so I am able to delegate, automate or eliminate the task. Ask me which of these three options most suitably fits the task. Repeat this exercise for every task I listed.”

Eliminate the complex

Even having reduced the nonessential, figured out your growth levers, doubled right down, and delegated every ounce of admin, you might not have reached ultimate simplicity with your business. If you couldn’t explain it to a five-year-old, consider there’s more work to be done. “I cut hair” said my hairdresser. “I put out fires” said the fireman. How can you define your business in such a simple way? Go back to basics with this ChatGPT prompt.

“Use this text from my website homepage and about page to reduce my business down to a simple line, for example “I cut hair” (hairdresser) or “I put out fires” (fireman). Help me boil my actions down to the most concise and simple definition that could possibly exist. Give five options for this line.”

Streamline your comms

Talking to your team matters, but how you do it can cause confusion. Email chains, WhatsApp groups, plus a million Slack channels. Too many options for things to get lost in translation, too many places to remember to check. Simplify how you communicate and everyone will breathe a sigh of relief. Supercharge clarity, speed up decision making and reduce misunderstandings. Use this prompt to do less but better in how you engage with everyone in your team. Fewer tools, logins and interactions and more moving forward with purpose.

“Help me streamline my business communication channels. Acting as a communication efficiency expert, ask me to list all the current communication tools and platforms my team uses. Then, ask questions to clarify how each is used, then suggest a plan to consolidate these into the most efficient ones, outlining the steps to transition smoothly and the benefits of having fewer, more effective channels.”

Grow your business by simplifying every part: powerful ChatGPT prompts

Do less but better for business growth without the overwhelm. Let go of periphery goals to focus on your main few, then delete your to-do list when it doesn’t contribute to those. Double down on what really makes the difference, outsource everything dull yet essential, and keep simplifying further so it continues to make sense, including your business communication channels. Business can be simple. Making money can be easy. Knock the complexity out of everything you do.

Source: forbes

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