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10 Best Workout Apps 2020 To Download For Getting Active At Home

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Are you contemplating working out at home, but aren’t sure what yoga moves to do on your mat or how to use your free weights? Don’t worry. There are tons of apps that’ll let you build a program revolving around your goals or coach you through intense stretches, ab exercises, and cool down sessions. The best workout apps 2020 to download have made it their mission to make sure you’re getting active in places other than the gym.

They’ve made it possible to throw on your running shoes and take a jog around your neighborhood, or to sweat without using any expensive or fancy equipment at the gym. So, when you’re hanging out on the couch and thinking, “I want to work out, but I don’t want to go outside,” and “I don’t feel like lifting today,” you have other options. Instead of making a bunch of excuses, you can switch up your routine and try doing yoga in your living room or using your bodyweight to tone your muscle groups.

These 10 workout apps make it so possible to get into a groove in the comfort of your home. Download them ASAP and then get ready to reach your #fitnessgoals.

1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club lets you select pre-created workouts based on your fitness needs and access to equipment.
Nike Training Club

The first of these workout apps is Nike Training Club. Designed to make sure you can get fit anywhere, this app is loaded with pre-created workouts you can choose from, based on the type of equipment you have access to, what part of the body you’re looking to focus on, and how long you want the workout to be. Save the workouts you love for later, and unlock achievements as you go.

2. Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness

Body love is the name of the game with Tone It Up: Workout & Fitness. This app has created a full-blown community of those who are trying to reach their fitness and healthy lifestyle goals. There’s a chat feature so you can talk with other people using the app and hype each other up. There are a ton of exciting programs that’ll make you feel stronger than ever before, too.

3. SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness

If you’re following a lot of influencers on social media, you’ve likely heard about the SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness app. It’ll get you moving and grooving at home. Using everything from dumbbells to a chair, this app will give you moves to do that’ll leave you fit and very toned. Download it ASAP and follow along with the amazing personal trainers.

4. Yoga & Meditation by Glo

If you’re looking for a workout that focuses on the flow of your body, then download Yoga & Meditation by Glo. With 16 different styles of yoga exercises, pilates, and a long list of breathing and guided meditation practices, this app is made for anyone and everyone. Download it for working out at home, or taking a break in the middle of a busy work day.

5. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club tracks and logs your activity history, and gives you stats based on your workouts.
Nike Run Club

From the moment you open Nike Run Club, you’ll be motivated to work out. This app’s sleek design (and ability to log and track your runs) is efficient and makes doing cardio much more fun. It’ll make you want to get out of bed, throw on your favorite pair of leggings, and crush your average pace. Plus, it’ll get you outside and into the sunshine.

6. CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga has an app, so you don’t always have to track down one of their studios. Instead, you can follow along with their teachers from your mat that’s set up in your living room, and continue to log workouts and flows. The best part? Every workout lets you type in an intention, so you remember what you’re working out for and the mindset you want to maintain.

7. Yoga | Down Dog

Downward dog can be so much more fun when you’re hanging out in your apartment and flowing into it via an app. Down Dog is super aware of that, and has made it possible to get into this kind of practice at home. Whether you’re a beginner or a well-trained expert, there’s a series in this app for you. Download it to increase your back strength, work on your core, and more.

8. Find What Feels Good

Have you watched any Yoga with Adriene videos? If not, let me introduce you to this fitness queen. Adriene Mishler is the host and yoga lover behind the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel and now has an app where you can access her courses: Find What Feels Good. Check it out and try a few of her flows. (There’s over 600 in the app!)

9. Workout for Women: Fitness App

Workout for Women will deliver short and hardcore workouts right to your phone. It’ll help you dig into your resolutions for the year — even if you don’t have a lot of time to work out. Get it and watch your workout dreams turn into real life.

10. YouTube

STRONG by Zumba can be accessed on the YouTube app for at-home workouts and intense cardio sessions.

Last but not least, YouTube is a stellar app to download to your phone if you’re looking to work out at home more. It’s the home to so many trainers, guided meditation practices, and more. If you love to dance, shake, or do HITT workouts at the gym, it’s also a prime spot to access STRONG by Zumba workouts. Get ready to work up a sweat, OK?

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