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Why using Airplane mode is an immensely powerful productivity hack that can level up your life

Do you know what the most beautiful tech feature is? The most beautiful feature out of every single little fancy thing on your brand new phone?

It’s this one:

Airplane mode. Airplane mode is a feature that is baked into every device you have, designed to do nothing more than cut you off from the outside world, in the best possible way.

I want to talk about why you need to put your phone on Airplane mode at the right time, for the right reason, because if you can do that, you are going to level up the quality of your life in a major way.

Airplane mode is a complete game changer. Because it’s the best way to get shit done that must be done.

Most of the time, we use Airplane mode out of respect to others.

We’ll put our phones on Airplane mode in meetings, at events, in a movie theatre etc. We do it out of common courtesy to the people around us who don’t want to be bugged and bothered by our shitty notifications going off every 10 seconds.

But we very rarely use Airplane mode out of respect to ourselves. We don’t show ourselves that same common courtesy that we would naturally show to other people. And so we let ourselves be dragged out of each and every moment, each period in which we swore we would focus and we wind up disrupting our work, our personal life and our relationships.

So here’s what I recommend. Start using Airplane mode to block yourself out from the distractions and news and endless, churning cycle of crap that our (admittedly awesome) smartphones have us tuned into.

I turn on Airplane mode any time I need to be in a moment, and any time I need to finish work.

I’m at a BBQ?

  • Airplane mode.

I’m on a deadline?

  • Airplane mode.

I’m on a date?

  • Airplane mode.

I’m reading a book?

  • Airplane mode.

I set a schedule in my mind, for how long I’m going to be completely offline. An hour, 2 hours, whatever. And then I stick to it. My phone stays on Airplane mode for that period, and I’m cut off from the endless stream of New Shit that comes down the pipeline constantly.

I also have In-Flight Days

…these are days in which I set an auto-responder to my email to let people know that I am “travelling.” I then turn Airplane mode on for the entire day, and it doesn’t go off even once. I’m completely disconnected, exactly the same as if I was in-flight, travelling around the world. But I’m on my couch, powering through a big, nasty, fuck-off To Do list.

People are fine with not being able to contact me when I’m actually in the air. I’m an Aussie, which means it takes an entire day to get to most places anyway.

Nobody freaked out and the world didn’t end when my phone was off for a whole day whilst I was in transit to China to advise a startup. Or when my phone was off for 36 hours in transit to Amsterdam to speak at a tech conference.

So why not just disconnect completely as though I was in-flight, no matter where I am in the world? An in-flight day can be a hugely powerful thing to schedule into your life and your work.

Overall, it’s about forced disconnection

I believe that it’s vital to disconnect from time to time. I haven’t always been good at that, but I believe I’m getting better, because I’m trying as hard as I honestly can to get better. Airplane mode is a key to this, and I really, really want you to give it a shot.

Source: medium

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