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This Secretive App Hides Your Passwords

The sad fact about travel today is that privacy is practically non-existent. Between reports of invasive pat-downs, x-ray screenings, and interrogation-style questions from customs, you need to allow for plenty of extra time at the airport, and prepare yourself mentally. Luckily, there’s one useful little app on the market taking one worry off your mind: your passwords.

Since we use our phones to keep of our deepest secrets, thoughts, and travel plans organized, getting into your apps and accounts is a TSA goldmine. What that means for you, is that your personal data is on display to random people who, while hired by the government and hopefully trustworthy, have unrestricted access to anything they want. 1Password is now aiming to change all that, and they’re using a sneaky (read: genius) way to do it.

It’s worth noting, of course, that while Travel Mode is on, even you won’t have access to your data. That, and once you turn the mode off, you’ll have to enter the data again. That’s because this data is not only hidden, but completely wiped from your phone. Hey, we did say it was secure.

Source: vivalifestyleandtravel

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