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Swiftmoji Will Be Your Favourite Emoji Keyboard… Ever

Remember SwiftKey? You may remember the keyboard app that helped you “find the right words” to use? Now the company behind it has released a new keyboard app called Swiftmoji that uses the same predictive technology to find the perfect emoji for any situation. It’s often difficult to find the right emoji to use in different situations – Swiftmoji removes this difficulty.

 Swiftmoji is the first app to come out of the company since Microsoft took it over earlier in the year – It’s available on both iOS and Android and offers “perfect emoji predictions based on what you’ve just typed.”  On Android it is a full replacement for your keyboard whereas on iOS it is just an emoji keyboard, and it’s only available in English at the moment. Judging the popularity of emoji at the moment, one can only assume that other languages will be coming soon.

As the company behind the app explains,

Swiftmoji removes the frustration of playing hunt-the-emoji – and helps you discover new emoji you may have never even seen before – with its spot-on predictions,

The app users “worldwide emoji trends,” and contextual clues to analyse sentiment and to give you the right emoji at the right time. Swiftmoji promises to give you the “best and most topical emoji predictions.”

With over 72 emoji just added to Twitter recently, choosing the right one has become a drag. Never again. “That’s where Swiftmoji comes in – suggesting just the right emoji for what you want to say.”

Download it today on iOS or Android.

Source: wersm.com

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