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How to disable Startup Apps in Android

A certain problem that Android users face after installation of couple of apps is that Phone start lagging or see a decline in performance during startup. Slow startup is experienced because apps start during startup, hence sluggish performance is experienced. Here, in this article I would describe about how to disable the apps that automatically starts in background and improve the performance.

Well, disabling the autostart apps can be handled right from your device in-built functionality. But not all Smartphone have in-built functionality to handle autostart apps. So those Smartphone which does not have inbuilt options to disable startup apps than there are lots of app available to handle autostart apps. I am using XIAOMI Smartphone and it gives and inbuilt option to disable autostart apps, if you are a XIAOMI smartphone user than navigate to Security app -> Permissions -> Autostart. Here you can easily disable the auto startup apps, not only disable but if you wish to autostart the different app than this can also be easily handled.

Well, here I am sharing apps that can help you disable the auto startup apps.

Startup Manager

Startup Manager app is free and easy to use. When you launch Startup Manager it comes up with three sections which are User, System and Customize. User tab shows all the user applications that have restart function. You can uncheck them all to enhance system startup speed and disable startup apps. System tab shows all the system processes that start with system boot. Use customize tab to manually start or stop the autostart of the desired app.It works with rooted and non-rooted device both.

Image by Startup Manager app (Playstore)

How to disable Startup Apps in Android               StartUp_Manager_2               StartUp_Manager_3


Autostarts app will take time to load for the first launch. Once launch it will come up will bulk of information. It comes up with the detailed information along with much more additional information. But this app works only on rooted device and it is read-only in non-rooted device.

Image by Autostarts app (Playstore)

How to disable Startup Apps in Android                Autostarts_2                Autostarts_3

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