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Are ads disrupting the mobile gaming experience?

It’s summer time but the sun is not the only thing that is hot this week. Mobile is taking the spotlight and we’re here to give you the latest updates from the mobile world. As always, we have compiled a list of the top news stories from the week. Scroll down to check out the must-read articles and just in case you’d rather skim instead, here are some of the big highlights:

  • Gamers are taking more control over mobile ads. Remember the last time you got really excited to see that mobile ad appear on your smartphone? Oh wait, that never happened! That’s how most gamers are feeling, and developers have started to take action. With mobile gaming popularity on the rise, developers are strategizing new ways to make ads less intrusive by focusing on gamifying the ad experience. What if viewing an ad could increase a gamer’s level on Pokémon Go? Now we’re talking.
  • The rise of social media is making mobile a must for the Olympic Games. Social media has changed the way that people experience events in real-time and over the past 5 years, social has become nearly exclusively mobile. The Olympics is no different. In fact, with live Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram posts a plenty, 2016 may become the year of the “Mobilympics.”
  • Africa launches its first smartphone-based degree program. Daystar Mobile is placing education at your fingertips by launching a fully mobile enabled degree program. This global program will allow students to earn a bachelor’s in education by taking classes from their smartphones. This program will dramatically improve access to quality education throughout Africa and beyond. Will mobile be the next big trend in higher education?

Source: mobilebusinessinsights

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