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An App Designed To Get You To Look Up From Your Phone

People are shuffling down the streets, staring down vacantly, walking blindly out into traffic.

They are usually staring at their phones, texting, choosing podcasts or listening to music. Our mobile devices are great ways to stay connected with our friends, but they do make it harder to connect with the people and places that are physically around us.

Ekene Ijeoma—an artist and designer based in New York City— addressed this issue by creating an app to tell you to stop looking at your phone. ‘Look Up’ runs in the background as a wallpaper on your phone.

When you come up to an intersection, colourful eyeball animations pop up. Or, if you are in the middle of using an app, you get a “look up” notification. Either way, it is telling you to lift your head up, and look at the world around you.

The app also uses NYC DOT Vision Zero data and calculates an ‘energy score’ for every intersection. A higher score means that users should be more aware while crossing the road due to the high amount of accidents that have occured at that intersection.

Look Up is currently available for Android phones. To read more about the app, click here.

Look Up from Ekene Ijeoma on Vimeo.

 Source: designtaxi

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